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Party & Event Planner 

Tea is the protagonist and the act of hospitality and love for things well done, becomes the focus of my work. If you're curious read here the interview with Elle Magazine on how tea became the new drink of the millennium!

Do you want to celebrate an important moment in your life, like a wedding, a promotion, a baptism or a birthday?

At Atelier de Rêve we will organize an English Tea Party. Would you like to tell your guests about your last trip to Japan? We will create a Matcha Ritual Tea Party or a Japan Ritual Tea Party.

Embrace current content that dictates the coolest trends of the moment: health, style, pleasure, creativity, well-being and taste. 


Atelier De Rêve was founded in 2017 thanks to my passion for Healthy Living and Tea Party and my experience in the Tea Market, and Giulia for her attitude about Fashion and Design. A trendy, refined and delicately charming mix.

But who is Atelier De Rêve? A house of creative design, a "friend" in love with beauty and details that never pulls back if she knows that you can get the most out of it. At Atelier de Rêve likes to dream, like to think that dreams can be realized and that passions often arise by chance but then tell a whole life.

and get our Party Guide:



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