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Tea Retail Consultant,

opening Tea Boutiques &

Tea Lounges.

My team of graphics, designers, architects, marketing specialists and party planners are at your disposal.

My team can offer you a successful project by taking care of all the aspects of your start up.

I offer the following consultancy: 

  • the concept, the idea

  • the project retail design,

  • brand image and identity (brochure, logo, leaflet, colour)

  • packaging design

  • brand look board

  • suppliers selection

  • pricing, business plan & budget

  • website and e-commerce

  • public relation and communication

  • social media management

  • events management and co-marketing

  • customer relationship management & loyalty program

  • recruitment & training

  • mystery coaching & audit

We have set up a new website which provides a platform to advise Companies on new effective methods on how to promote the sales of luxury goods.


Clients demands have been changing through out the years, they are more and more informed, more and more demanding. More attention to the detail is needed. Where the whole act of selling becomes the focus point!

Our combined expertise can help change the mind set of simple selling techniques, which can satisfied the need of these new consumers. 

By renovating existing boutiques or creating ad hoc stores, working alongside architects and designers, I have been able to make the shopping experience of tea, unique and unforgettable.

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