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Tea & Food Consultant. 

my new Tea concept.

I can help you to create Tea Time in your Restaurant, in your Hotel or in your SPA.


I offer the following consultancy:

  • The creation of a dedicated Tea Lounge

  • Specialized staff training, which guarantees the success of the proposed space.

  • Support to your PR department to create press releases to market this new project

  • Make the afternoon catering time profitable, which is usually “the quiet time” in hotels.

  • Propose the "tea time experience" for external customers and not only the hotel guests.

The Tea Time through my Consultancy guarantees a secure return on image and investment, designed to cater for the latest trends in the luxury industry.

Why should you focus on tea?

With my Consultancy you can obtain an innovative approach to interpreting Tea Time, conveying wellness, elegance and luxurious lifestyle in which time acts as a priceless ally for savoring our surroundings.

Tea, which can also look back on thousands of years of history, is now being proposed and remodelled through my consultancy, to respond to a new life style trend, which is hungry for new socially meaningful experience.  

Please contact me for more information.

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