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Tea Blender

& Private Tea Lable Advisor

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world, after water. The Tea industry has increased greatly in the last decade, above all where health is concerned, giving a very high return to businesses who have invested in this market.

With my 20 years experience in this field, I have seen many new tea brand and label developed. I help many of them expand their business in many different retail market.

Effectively I brought “Tea” to Italy, making it a luxury good!

The consultancy provided:

  • Developing “The Concept Idea”

  • Selection of Teas in according with the idea

  • Creation of unique Tea Recipes 

  • Acquiring the right Suppliers

  • Pricing the product correctly within the selected market

  • brand image (brochure, logo, leaflet, colour)

  • Packaging design

  • The selection of teas and equipment

  • Preparing the correct tea labeling to ensure they are legally viable 


Who could benefit from my consultancy?

-Coffee providers who wants to diversify into Tea 

-Health shops or Supermarkets 

-Gourmet Department Store 

-Health Supplements Companies 

-Prestigious Patisserie 

-Cosmetic lines



Contact me so we can discuss how Tea can promote your business helping you enter a new exiting, profitable market.

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