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Wedding Tea Party

Together with my partner in this field, we can use our distinctive Italian Style to create the unforgettable

Weddings Tea Party!

Atelier De Rêve offers the bride and groom the chance to create something unique, something that will always remain in the hearts of their guests.

Our interpretations of the classic 5 O'Clock Tea English will make your event truly special. From the Botanical & Flower Wedding Tea Party, rich in herbs, spices and edible flowers, to the Victorian Pic Nic Wedding Tea Party, with games of other times organized in the park, passing through the Indian Tchay Wedding Party full of silks and colored fabrics or at the Moroccan Mint Tea Party for summer evenings by the sea.

What do you think about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Wedding Tea Party?


At Atelier De Rêve, we love to make our spouses and all our guests happy.


We spend a lot of time taking care of their happiness and in these years we have developed strategies that have allowed us to work with ease even with small budgets.
It's all about making the right choices!

Gift for guests, invitations, invitations, accomodations, thanks, menus. Live music, photographers, dancers, portraitists, stylists, make-up artists, outfits research.


These are just some of the services that Atelier De Rêve is able to offer with a proven success.

We will be at your side at all times. We will adapt your ideas to the project and the mood you have chosen so that the fil rouge of the event is impeccable.

Browse through our Wedding Gallery and immerse yourself in the romantic Atelier de Rêve atmosphere


We will select the best suppliers for you, always taking into consideration the budget that has been agreed. We will make your wedding unique, offering you various ideas for every need. With Atelier de Rêve you will find all the solutions for the perfect development of your day of love!

Request our estimate to make the wedding of your dreams

Francesca Natali Tea Stylist  | Italy
Francesca Natali Tea Stylist  | Italy
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